So it is pretty clear to all that recruiters can't do their job without the skills and experience that candidate have to offer clients. We fully respect that and have tried over the years to treat candidates well and as we would like to be treated ourselves. 

Validation of the service we offer to candidates is best expressed in the testimonials we get, where a consistent theme is how "nice" we are. In the current climate, "just be nice" is trending, but for us, being nice has been a mainstay of what we do for the past 25 years, and we think it is critical to the process.

Trusted is another theme that comes up, and we think that comes from the fact that every pound at Cavendish Search and Selection is not a prisoner. Money is a means to an end, not a reason to push you in the direction of the wrong job. So if a job or job offer is not suitable for you, we won't push it.

If you need help with a job move, then give us a call and let's discuss how our experience can be used to your advantage.